100 Mexican food recipes that you must try before dying

Mexican recipes are among the best in the world, so making a list with your 100 best dishes is absolutely logical.

One thing must be clarified: half of the recipes that are internationally They think that they are more representative of Mexican food, in reality they are Tex-Mex, from the South of the United States (maybe that makes them moderately Mexican, because before those territories were part of the country). Anyway, do not worry, because they are not the best 50% of that gastronomy.

Other important information: anyone with a certain culture about Mexican recipes should know that tacos never have a hard omelette, with the exception of the case where the tortilla is flat and the ingredients cover it (and then we talk about toast) or when it is fried tacos (bent or rolled, known as flutes or golden tacos). You should also know that the tortilla can be corn or wheat, and that the tendency is to use more the first in the south central area of ​​the country, and the second to the northern zone.

After the theory basic, I clarify that this list is not based on a series of assumptions, but on a broad investigation that has taken me years, and that has made me (very honorably) gain a few kilos. But one life is not enough to say that all Mexican recipes have been tried, for different reasons: such an extensive variety of dishes, that you have to be brave to be encouraged to try all the ingredients, that spicy tolerance has to be high , that you have to go through a really big country. The advantage is that the price of Mexican dishes (in their country of origin) is really accessible: you do not have to be a millionaire to eat like a king in southern North America.

101 dishes of Mexican food that you must try before dying

In this text you go to find a count (because surely there will be some disagreement) that seeks to make a full picture of Mexican cuisine, according to my vision, because I was the one who gave himself the job of writing this testament. If you die without trying all your recipes, let it be known that you were warned.

1- Tacos al pastor

Photo: Flickr @denverjeffrey

Yes the inhabitants of Mexico City had to take a single meal to a desert island, very likely it would be this one. They are influenced by the cuisine of the Ottoman Empire, and mix marinated pork meat in a spin (yes, similar to shawarma) with corn tortilla, pineapple, onion, cilantro, and a dose of lemon and hot sauce.

2- Enchiladas

Photo: Flickr @ stuart_spivack

The folded and stuffed tortillas, bathed in some sauce, could replace the center of the Mexican flag. The most popular are the Swiss (which have nothing European), red, green (and better if they are au gratin).

3- Guacamole

Thinking about avocado and not thinking about guacamole is having no sense of fun. Usually eaten with chips or nachos.

4- Tamales

Photo: Flickr @mrzeon

Another of the most internationally known Mexican food dishes .It is not a sin to put it as lunch or dinner.

6- Pastel tres leches

The queen of Mexican desserts is actually an extended specialty in Latin America, but for some reason, internationally is more associated with taco country. By the way, in Mexico the term "pastel" is used, because the word "torta" refers to a type of sandwich.

7- Esquites

Photo: Flickr @garysoup

To anyone who has visited Mexico, they have touched the street stalls that sell glasses of corn grains in broth with mayonnaise, cheese, lemon, chile and salt.

8 - Stuffed chiles

Photo: Flickr @eekim

The good news (for foreigners) is that not all chili peppers are spicy, and that applies to most cases in plates of stuffed chiles. They can be made with cheese, meat, chicken, tuna, fish, seafood covered in sauce, gratins or weathered. Mexican food at its best.

9- Mole poblano

Also called "chocolate sauce" by certain foreigners, it is known because cocoa is part of its many ingredients. It is the most famous of the moles, Mexican sauces with a long list of varieties. Commonly eaten with turkey, chicken or enchiladas.

10- Toast

Photo: Flickr @logatfer

Simple but efficient: fried corn tortilla , and above, the ingredients you want: seafood, ground beef, chicken, guacamole, and follow the list. One of the most famous dishes of Mexican food that you may have eaten several times in your life.

11- Picadillo

Photo: Pexels @Angele J

In the world of homemade food, tacos and Mexican toast, picadillo is a favorite. It is ground beef entomatada cooked with onion, garlic, chopped vegetables, spices and chilies, of course.

12- Tortilla soup

The corn tortilla is so essential for Mexicans that it appears even in the soup. It is a great soup with tomato, lemon, chili peppers and other ingredients, more slices of avocado, strips of fried tortilla and cream of milk.

13- Quesadillas

Photo: Flickr @ Mary Sue Scott

It sounds crazy, but in Mexico not all quesadillas have cheese, or at least that depends on the region where you are. In Mexico City, quesadillas can be chicken, mushrooms, shrimp and a long etcetera. In short, it is corn or wheat tortillas that are folded and filled, and cooked on a griddle or fried.

14- Red Pozole

Less internationally known, this dish is a delirium of Mexican cuisine and a must-have for the fiesta of the independence.This type should be the best known in the world, with consistency of cream that is obtained by cooking them a first time in water and then crushing and frying. It is usually used as an accompaniment, but it is my favorite as a sauce for nachos.

16- Drowned cakes

Photo: Flickr @Gustavo Andrade

The Queen of the Guadalajara dishes consists of a sandwich or sandwich stuffed with pork and beans, bathed in a tomato sauce. This dish does sting, really.

17- Escamoles

Photo: Flickr @TT Seng

It seems that pre-Hispanic people thought to try the larvae of a certain ant, and that's good! because that's where one of the best Mexican dishes came from. They are cooked in butter and look like white beans. Promised that the taste is the opposite of how ugly the description sounds.

18- Cake impossible

Photo: Flickr @riposin

In The realm of Mexican desserts is a chemically exotic cake that separates after cooking, and is half vanilla custard, half chocolate cake. Unmissable.

19- Enfrijoladas

Photo: Flickr @Reynosa Blogs

Do you remember the enfrijoladas? Bathed in a bean sauce are left to suck your fingers.

20- Birria

Photo: Flickr @jeffkk

Unfairly less known, it comes of a plate of pieces of lamb cooked in water and in its juice. The chiles, of course, give it a particular taste, but tremendous.

21- Tlacoyos

Photo: Flickr @arndog

Among the variants of dishes based on the corn tortilla, a longer and oval tortilla is used to make the tlacoyo. It is cooked stuffed with beans or cheese, and covered with vegetables, salsa and more cheese.

22- Carnitas

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @ mccun934

The art of frying the different parts of the pork is truly developed in Mexican cuisine. There are specialized taquerias, but they do not fall behind the haute cuisine restaurants. Pork carnitas include from the solid meat to internal organs like the matrix.

23- Tacos governor

You can prepare a taco almost with anything, while there is an omelet to fill it. In northern Mexico, stuffed shrimp cooked locally and with cheese are prepared.

24- Pambazo

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @AlejandroLinaresGarcia

An open bread stuffed with mashed potatoes, chorizo, lettuce, cream and cheese, and lightly bathed in tomato.It seems informal but makes a complete meal.

26- Divorced eggs

Photo: Flickr @scaredycat

A breakfast made for the gods, with two starred eggs: one covered in red sauce and the other in green sauce.

27- Tinga

Photo: Flickr @jenniferwoodardmaderazo

The shredded meat of veal or chicken, in a sauce of tomatoes and/or chilies, it is very good to eat alone or as a filling of tacos or quesadillas.

28- Charro beans

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @Magnus Manske

The fri joles charros are cooked whole and carry pieces of pork, ham, chorizo ​​and/or sausage, as well as vegetables. They remember some Spanish recipes, but the seasoning is totally Mexican.

29- Menudo

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @Edicion Jalisco

You can eat at any time of the day, but it is known as a dead lift breakfast. Completely logical with a broth that has beef belly, corn and chiles. Does it sound similar to the Spanish recipe?

30- Romeritos

Photo: Flickr @casasroger

The Mexican Christmas dish cooks these herbs in a mole poblano, with shrimp pancakes. Nothing to do with the cliché image of the local cuisine.

31- Guajolota ​​h3>

Photo: Flickr @sy_huang

Why limit yourself to a little flour, if you can have more flour? The guajolota, popular especially in Mexico City, consists of opening a bread and stuffing it with a salty tamale. It sounds weird, but the result is delicious, and also full of calories.

32- Burritos

Photo: Flickr @jeffreyww

The classics and well-known Mexican burritos are made with wheat tortillas and come from the north of the country. Although they are already made all over the world, nothing beats the touch given by the real refried beans of Mexico.

33- Capirotada

Photo: Flickr @Joel Kramer

Surprise for those who knew only the salty dish: In Mexico, the capirotada is a northern dessert made from hard bread cooked with fruit, syrup and cheese.

34- Chiles en nogada

Photo: Daniel Dionne (https://www.flickr.com/photos/mrzeon/6050740300) - Flickr (Creative Commons).

This should be the best known Mexican dish in the world; It is sublime. The chilies (which almost always do not sting) are filled with stewed meat and covered with a cream of milk, nuts and pomegranate.The cream poblana is a creamy soup that is prepared with a chile of the zone, and is very characteristic for the decoration of grains of corn with white cheese box, on the green bottom of the liquid.

36- Chalupas

Photo: Flickr @mariavaldez

Also poblanas, the chalupas are prepared with fried tortillas, potatoes and chicken, although the recipe may vary in different regions of the country.

37- Pipian

Photo: Flickr @ silverman68

A variety of mole based starring pumpkin seeds, commonly accompanied by chicken or turkey. Recommended for lovers of flavors such as peanuts or sesame.

38- Dogfish bread

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @Wotancito

The kitchen of the Yucatan Peninsula is glorious. One of his best dishes, the dogfish bread, alternates between tortilla and fish, black beans, and a sauce of tomatoes and chili peppers.

39- Gringas

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @Adolfavila

A good part of the taquerias of the capital offer this dish, which has nothing to do with the United States. Perhaps its name is due to the use of wheat tortillas, very white, stuffed with cheese and pork to the shepherd.

40- Nachos

The famous nachos come from the Coahuila region, and are made of pieces of fried corn tortilla with a sauce of melted cheese. Then all the other possible companions became fashionable. So yes, the nachos of all life are part of Mexican food.

41- Eggs with machaca

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @Padaguan

In the north of the country, the shredded beef is preserved in salt, as in the old style. However, far from complicating the taste, the salt gives it a unique taste and texture. Eating machaca revuelta con huevos is an institutional dish in the area, and tastes even better if accompanied with wheat tortillas.

42- Nopales

Photo: Flickr @jlastras

The nopales are so Mexican that they are at the center of the national flag. It sounds strange to eat cactus, but in addition to popular they are very healthy. They are usually roasted in a pan, eaten as a salad or preserved in brine.

43- Stuffed cheese

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @Idavidmx

At some point in history, Dutch cheese landed in southern Mexico and someone came to bake stuffed with a stew of meat.Love to first meal.

45- Pan de muerto

The Day of the Dead is one of the best-known festivals of Mexican folklore. The bread of the dead is included as an offering on the altars of the festival. It is small, soft and sugary, and is only prepared at that time of year. Originally without filling, the new versions with custard, dulce de leche or chocolate are a danger for lovers of desserts.

46- Green mole

Photo: Flickr @elgrandee

Among the list of sauces, the green mole is another of the most popular. The seeds are the main part in your recipe, and usually you eat with chicken or turkey, although I love pork.

47- Entomatado rice

This specialty of the kitchen of mothers and grandmothers is prepared from the rice of common consumption, with the difference that tomato paste is included in cooking. It is usually used to accompany other dishes.

48- Maguey worms

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @Andy Sadler

We already know that Mexicans They love insects and other exotic bugs, and mezcal. So they decided to cook the worms that live in the mezcal plant, and they managed a delicacy, when they are consumed without reheating. In my opinion, it's worth consuming them in restaurants more than in markets.

49- Molletes

Photo: Flickr @hashashin

According to gastronomy mexicana, the muffins are pieces of bread cut in the center of the crumbs and spread with refried beans, gratinated with cheese, and seasoned with pico de gallo (tomato and onion). According to the chef's creativity, other ingredients are added. My favorites are those of chorizo.

50- Arrachera

Photo: Flickr @Loppear

Internationally, Mexico is not known for its meats, and that is something that the northerners of the country surely do not understand, with a carnivorous culture of the first. But also, throughout the country, the "arrachera" is served, a thin, marinated cut that remains absolutely smooth after cooking. It can be eaten alone or as a taco filling.

51- Barbecue

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @Gissisaurio

In Mexico, the term barbecue is not it is used for grilled meat, but for meat cooked with an old method, inside a hole in the ground, and covered with leaves of a maguey plant. The result is normally eaten shredded or in pieces, and is absolutely smooth. Nothing is lost: in addition to meat alone or to fill tacos, the barbecue soup is very popular.

52- Pastes

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @Hippietrail

Pastes became popular in the Pachuca region during its golden mining era. Originally brought by the English who moved there to seek their fortune, they are easy to transport empanadas for those who work in that sector.They are very common in traditional markets and during the Christmas or independence parties.

56- Mixiotes

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @Thelmadatter

This typical dish comes from a very old method, according to which the shredded meat, seasoned with chili peppers, is prepared inside a "bag" formed by a layer of the maguey panta.

57- Papadzules

Photo: Wikipedia Commons @Stellar D

Another specialty of the cuisine of the Yucatan Peninsula, consists of a kind of rolled tacos, stuffed with boiled eggs, covered with a sauce similar to a mole, from a paste prepared in the Yucatan Peninsula. It is decorated with pumpkin seeds.

58- Tarascan soup

Photo: Flickr @uteart

Typical Michoacan, is prepared with chilies, tomato and pieces of tortilla, although there are variants with beans. Have you already mentioned that the pillars of Mexican cuisine are corn, beans, tomatoes (better known as tomatoes) and chili?

59- Head tacos

Photo: Flickr @saucesuprema

In Mexico, no part of the beef is lost. So the head is also cooked and the meat is chopped to fill tacos, which can be of cheek, ear, crop and even eye.

60- Quesadillas de huitlacoche

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @Gwolf

The huitlacoche is a black fungus that grows on corn. Sometimes they are also called "Mexican caviar". Commonly consumed in quesadillas but also used as ingredients for sauces and other preparations. I had already told that in Mexico quesadillas are not always stuffed with cheese, right?

61- Chapulines

Photo: Flickr @Jesus Rafael Lopez Ibarra

Grasshoppers are among the favorite insects of Mexican cuisine, and are eaten in large and small sizes. They have a crunchy texture, and very personal, its flavor reminds me of anchovies.

62- Charales

Photo: Wikipedia Commons @Hinojosaz

These small lake fish are consumed almost as a snack. From restaurants to parks, they can be obtained to eat on a plate or carry in a bag (already cooked, of course). In the latter case, you should never miss a splash of hot sauce. Delicious Mexican food.

63- Tlayuda

Photo: Flickr @hijadelcaos

Another variant of the Mexican tortilla is typical of Oaxaca and larger than any other similar dish. It is crunchy and covered with pieces of meat, cheese, sauces and vegetables.Not suitable for closed gastronomic minds.

65- Pumpkin flowers

Although in some countries they are lost, in Mexico they are pampered by vegetarians and non-vegetarians. They are consumed mostly in quesadillas or in soup.

Photo: Flickr @MarthaX

66- Sweet potato dessert

Photo: Flickr @xavo_rob

In Mexico City, you often hear street noises that would make you think of giant teapots. These noises are the result of dessert vendors of sweet potato, who cook these vegetables steamed with honey or condensed milk, among other ingredients.

67- Shaken fish

Photo: Flickr @TT Seng

This specialty of Mexican coastal food is cooked in aluminum foil with mustard, mayonnaise, other sauces, juices, vegetables, chili and lots of garlic.

68 - Wire

Photo: Flickr @eperales

This Mexican dish exists in almost all taquerias and also in certain restaurants. It is made with pieces of meat (chicken, pork or beef), pieces of vegetables, chilies, and sometimes bacon. It is cooked similarly to skewers and is usually eaten as taco stuffing.

69- Peanut Butter

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @Adrian Ceron

They are a kind of nougat made with peanuts, honey and cane sugar syrup. They are available with street vendors and also with restaurants serving traditional desserts.

70- Poc chuc

This Yucatecan dish, named Mayan, deserves to be tasted. It is a pork fillet marinated in orange and roasted or cooked on the grill. When it is well prepared, it must be absolutely smooth.

71- Fish to size

Photo: Flickr @esparta ​​p>

This coastal specialty is prepared with a mixture of mayonnaise, spices and chili peppers. Usually, the fish used is the red snapper.

72- Golden tacos and flutes

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @ Glane23

There is an exception to the tortilla crunchy in the matter of Mexican tacos: tacos dorados. Tortillas rolled and stuffed with chicken, beef or potatoes, are fried and consequently harden. It is still debated if they are the same as the so-called "flutes", but if there were any difference it would be just the way to fold or roll the tortilla.

73- Sopes

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @ Luisalvaz

Another variant of the dishes based on the corn tortilla, which at the time of cooking is left thick and with edges, slightly "like a pot".They have different fillings and it is elongated.

76- Black fill

Photo: Flickr @Krista ​​p>

This species of mole from southern Mexico It has a truly black color. It usually accompanies chicken dumplings or turkey with egg center. It's one of my favorite Mexican dishes.

77- Pico de gallo

One of the most traditional "salsas" in Mexican cuisine, used to accompany all kinds of dishes. It is prepared very easily in less than 10 minutes.

78- Salbutes

Photo: Flickr @Krista ​​p>

This southern dish with a mesh name has a fried and inflated corn tortilla, covered with strips of turkey, vegetables and black stuffing sauce or chillies.

79- Tampiqueña

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @Amapo

Original from the city of Tampico, this dish consists of a roasted beef filet, served with black beans and tortilla chips, as well as strips of green chiles. It can also be accompanied by white rice, enchiladas, guacamole or cheese.

80- Cochinita pibil

Photo: Flickr @noonch

This dish is an institution of Mexican cuisine, with a unique flavor, both acid and salty. The pork threads are marinated with orange and achiote seasoning and are accompanied with habanero pepper - very spicy - and purple onion. There is also a version of the chicken prepared in the same way.

81- Shrimp the devil

Photo: Pixabay @Sharonang

Fresh shrimp from quality, lots of lemon and a lot of spice. For this kind of thing, I'm a fan of Mexican food.

82- Frijoles de la olla

The traditional recipe for preparing beans in Mexico in the style of grannies. Simple and delicious.

83- Shrimp aguachile

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @Rodrigolopes

In Mexico there is no ceviche, but aguachile. A marinade of lemon and chili peppers is used to cook shrimp and other seafood or fish, according to a popular recipe from the north and coast. Cucumber and onion are also almost mandatory ingredients. The result can be very spicy, but it's worth it.

84- Chilorio

Photo: Flickr @Tannaz

Also from the north, the chilorio It is prepared with different pieces of meat, chopped or shredded - especially pork - mixed with chili peppers and spices.It is good to remember that in Mexican food you can also find good desserts.

86- Chips of cream

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @Alejandro Linares Garcia

Easy to find as desserts from tourist areas and roads, they have a sweet and smooth flavor, and a texture reminiscent of pancakes.

87- Mole de olla

Photo: Flickr @ regan76

Unlike sauce-type moles, this consists of a soup with beef, marrow and vegetables. Raise more than any energy drink.

88- Cured marinade

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @Hugo Mon

Cecina is a beef cut. Its most popular version comes from the town of Yecapixtla. In its marinated version, it is covered with a seasoning of chili peppers and spices.

89- Tacos de lengua

Photo: Flickr @saucesupreme

Tortillas of corn stuffed with thin slices of beef tongue steamed, deserve special mention in a list like this. With few additional ingredients, such as lemon and hot sauce, are some of the best tacos that exist.

90- Gordita ​​h3>

Photo: Flickr @ReynosaBlogs

The thickest round dough that is usually fried and opened to fill with cheese, pork rinds or other ingredients. To cover or bell them: nopales, beans, tomatoes or some creative invention.

91- Chicharrón en salsa verde

Photo: Flickr @pointnshoot

Although chicharrón is consumed in several countries, the recipe most consumed in Mexico involves cooking it in a tomatillo sauce (a type of green tomato) chopped into pieces. Not only is it consumed as a stew, but it also has its place as a taco filling.

92- Chamorro

Photo: Flickr @geishabot

The part Most abundant pork leg has a spoiled place in Mexican cuisine. With luck you get in the good places of carnitas tacos, but there's nothing like a plate with a good full, abundant and well-cooked chamorro, of those that leave the impression of being enough food for two full days. Oh, abundant and good Mexican food.

93- Lima soup

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @ Aome7937

Once again the cuisine of the peninsula of Yucatan with its specialties worthy of the best restaurant. This soup combines the lime with a chicken broth that also contains vegetables, herbs and spices. A particular flavor, but at the same time light.

94- Eggs to the mason

Photo: Flickr @philossophia

Far from any traditional style, These scrambled eggs are cooked in a caldillo of tomatoes and chiles.In Mexico this sweet is called cajeta, and apart from other desserts that are elaborated with it, the flan bathed in dulce de leche is typical, traditional and popular. Unmissable especially in times of winter and cold, or on the contrary, in times of heat, accompanied by ice cream.

97- Basket tacos

Photo: Flickr @luiguimh

Tacos small and folded in half that are usually cooked inside plastic bags. It is common to see their vendors take them from one place to another by bicycle.

98- Panuchos

Photo: Flickr @dongkwan

Another gastronomic gem from the Yucatan Peninsula, prepared from fried corn tortilla, stuffed with a mixture of beans and covered with cochinita pibil with vegetables, including purple onion and habanero pepper, one of the hottest in Mexico. Fortunately, adding chili is a task for the diner, so there is no risk for those who do not love spicy.

99- Tacos with tomatillo sauce

They are as institutional as any other taco in Mexico, but they are among my favorites, I included them in the list. Here is the link to the recipe Comedera.Com, in case you're in the mood to cook.

100- Motuleños eggs

Photo: Flickr @dennisandluba

A great Mexican breakfast dish, with beans, ham, peas, fried plantains, chiles and cheese. Another of my favorites of Mexican cuisine.

101- Beef broth

The beef broth or stew is a delicious homemade soup ideal for the next day of late nights and hangovers. Also ideal for when you have a cold.

More than 100 Mexican dishes listed, or the 100 best, according to my taste. At this moment, after reading the whole text, it is fairly likely that you feel like going to a restaurant, you are totally sure that you are hungry and you are also likely to want to cook.

Soon will come the dishes recipes Mexicans on Comedera.com. And now, I'm going to eat.

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