100 recipes of Spanish cuisine that you should try before dying

The diversity of dishes that the Spanish food has is impressive. Each region, each village and each family have their own way of preparing the delicious recipes that through generations have been inherited mothers/fathers/children/grandchildren.

Many know the Spanish gastronomy

strong> for its most famous dishes such as paella, tortilla, tripe and various tapas. But there are many other delicacies in Spanish food that are worth trying, and they are quite a lot more than you could imagine.

I, who have dedicated myself to savoring as many delicacies as possible the Spanish gastronomy , I am impressed with the variety not only of recipes, but also of ingredients. And is that if there is something that has the food of this country is that, if you substitute a single ingredient, for another like, but from another region, everything changes, from the name, to the flavor.

Then I present a list, quite subjective because the objectivity does not exist, of the 100 dishes of Spanish cuisine that you should try before going to the afterlife.

100 recipes of Spanish food that you should try before die

1- Broken eggs (preferably with chorizo)

One of my favorite Spanish dishes of all time. A calorie bomb full of happiness and flavor.

2- Sandwich with squid

A simple sandwich, a favorite of tourists and people in a hurry who want to eat something before going on. Popular in the downtown neighborhoods of Madrid.

3- Squid in their ink

Also known as squid in their ink. A delight that can be accompanied with white rice so that it is impregnated with the sauce. Magic on the palate.

4- Torreznos

The torreznos are nothing else but bacon cut into thick strips fried in oil until they are golden and crispy. They are so wonderful that UNESCO considers them gastronomic heritage of humanity.

By KTLO (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0]

5- Tortilla of potatoes

Classic among the classics in Spanish cuisine. The best potato tortillas are those that are slightly creamy in the center. If you do not know how to prepare it, I'll teach you.

6- Shepherd's Crumbs

Typical dish made with leftover bread and whose recipe varies depending on the region. With chorizo ​​they are amazing. In some preparations they carry grapes.

7- Black rice

Also known as "black paella", it is a rice made with squid ink and, of course, squid. Of strong and delicious flavor.

8- Peppers of piquillo rellenos

The best ones are bonito or cod fillers. Piquillo peppers reach another level. Do not be scared by the name, they do not almost sting.

By Tamorlan (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

9- Cald rice with chicken

The Andalusians know, and know a lot.Ideal for cold climates and to eat in large groups. Pouf! You can never serve only one dish!

11- Revolconas Potatoes

One of the easiest Spanish recipes that exist. Imagine a mashed potatoes dyed in color with paprika powder and pieces of chorizo, or bacon ... or both.

12- Gambas al ajillo

We have all tried them, we all love them. Its aroma drives us crazy. One of those typical Spanish dishes that we should not overlook.

13- Patatas bravas

Potatoes cut into medium pieces with a tomato-based brava sauce on them, it is light (or moderately) spicy.

14- Cod in Biscayne

In the Basque country they take their meals to a stratospheric level of delicacy and quality. This dish is legendary.

15- Fideuá

Of Valencian origin, this dish is prepared similarly to paella but with pasta.

By Jorge Díaz from Madrid, Spain (Fideua @ Casa Paste) [CC BY- SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

16- Chorizo ​​a la cider

The ideal thing with this dish is to dip bread into the sauce that results from this preparation. Each bite is the glory.

17- Bacalao al pil-pil

Again the Basques preparing cod like the kings. This time with a green sauce that is to go crazy.

By Jun [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

18- Valencia Paella

For many, the queen of all the paellas. Its Valencian version with chicken and rabbit is unmatched. Worthy ambassador of the Spanish food in the whole world.

19- Baked Segovian suckling pig

This dish has to be eaten in Segovia, in one of its many restaurants specialized in serving it.

By Tamorlan (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

20- Andalusian Gazpacho

When the summer arrives, the gazpacho arrives, and again the Andalusians stand out in the kitchen with this refreshing delight .

21- Cod croquettes

There are many types of croquette, the classic ham, chicken, black pudding, even cooked. But what's up, the funniest ones are those of cod.

22- Cordovan Salmorejo

Delicious Andalusian soup that has been around in Spanish gastronomy since long before the Caliphate.Like any food made with charcoal, it's wonderful. It is accompanied by the well-known romesco sauce.

By Kippelboy (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

25- Castilian garlic soup

The garlic soup is simple and delicious. It is a very economical dish to prepare, made with bread, eggs, garlic and broth (or water).

26- Lamb baked in the oven

The lamb is the food of the gods. Any way to prepare it is magnificent. The baby lamb, (or very young) baked, accompanied with some potatoes is ... indescribable.

By Xavier Béjar (Flickr: P1290158) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

27- Galician stock

This delicious soup is usually prepared with cabbage, cabbage or turnip tops. In some cases they put some Galician chorizo ​​or bacon (or both).

28- Galician octopus

One of the greatest works of art that Galicians have. Unmatched in Spanish food. Octopus, potatoes, paprika and a lot of olive oil.

29- Galician empanada

Another classic of Galician cuisine. They are usually stuffed with chicken or tuna. If you look good, you can get them from sardines, and please, try them!

30- Hornazo de Salamanca

Hornazo is a great invention. It is a kind of cake or empanada very typical of Salamanca that is stuffed with ham, chorizo, loin and other delicious things that we like so much.

Photo and recipe: jolineeses.blogspot.com. es

31- Catalan Cream

A delicious and simple dessert that, as the name implies, is typical of Catalonia. It is made with egg yolk and sugar.

32- Boquerones fritos

A classic of Spanish bars. In many cases they are given free when you ask for a rod. Sprinkle lemon juice on them and enjoy them.

33- Tuna Marmitako

The marmitako is a dish of fishermen from the Basque country made with tuna, potatoes and (in some cases) bread. Everything you need to recharge your batteries after a long day of work.

34- Kokotxas of cod in green sauce

The kokotxas (cocochas), are possibly the most delicious part of any fish. It is that meat that is between the gills and the head of the animal.It is common to be served with a fried egg on top as a single dish of food.

37- Rice with rabbit and snails

A delicious Murcian recipe that resembles the famous paellas. Although the rabbit and the snails are the main ingredients it is important that the rice is the correct one: the one of calasparra.

By Cehegin4u (Own work) (GFDL)

38- Bacalao al ajoarriero

Cod cooked in an earthenware casserole with enough peppers, tomatoes and garlic. In some homes they add prawns or crayfish as extra.

39- Arroz a banda

This delicious Valencian rice made with fish stock was originally a dish of fishermen, who used the leftovers to make a broth that they used to prepare this rice.

Photo and recipe: lacocinadeconsu.wordpress.com

40-Ternasco de Aragón with potatoes

The ternasco is a young lamb and as all young lamb its meat is amazing. In Aragon it has a designation of origin and it is eaten in a thousand ways, all wonderful. But as I always say: the simpler, the better, eat it roasted with potatoes. It is majestic.

Photo, learn more about the ternasco of Aragón: www.casaruralneres.com

41- Asturian Fabada

El star dish of Asturias. A powerful stew where fabas, that famous white giant bean, is the protagonist.

42- Extremadura fried piglet

Fried pork chopped into pieces and marinated. Perfect to eat with your hands watching TV.

Photo and recipe: lasrecetasdelalidia.blogspot.com

43- Cocido montañés

Este It is a stew without chickpeas, it has white beans and yes, it has chorizo, rib, blood sausage and bacon. It is typical of Cantabria and helps a lot in the cold climate of the mountains.

By Uhanu (Trebaju sellencu (own work)) (GFDL), via Wikimedia Commons

44- Hake in green sauce

Dish common in the Basque Country. The sauce is made with garlic, parsley and olive oil. It is usually hard-boiled egg and some asparagus as a companion.

45- Escalibada

Typical dish in Catalonia, but also in Aragón and Valencia. It is prepared with tomatoes, peppers, onions and aubergines. They are roasted, chopped into strips, skin and seeds are removed and seasoned with olive oil and salt.

Photo and recipe: lasrecetasderosazapata.blogspot.com

46- Rabbit in salmorejo

One of the most famous dishes of Canarian cuisine.Each region has its way of preparing them. One of the most delicious recipes is the chorizo ​​version.

48- Duels and losses

Eggs, bacon, and chorizo. This is a historical dish, and I do not say it in jest, Miguel de Cervantes calls it on the first page of Don Quixote.

Delicious Spanish food - Photo and recipe: elcalderodenimue.wordpress.com

49- Churros with chocolate

This delight is perfect for breakfast, or snack, or for the dawns after partying. Ideally, the chocolate should be dark and thick.

By Tim Lucas from Sydney, Australia (Churros con Chocolate) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

50- Potatoes to the importance

Potatoes that are first coated and fried and then cooked in a clay pot with a spicy broth. Like many other Spanish recipes, if you put chorizo, it's better.

By Valdavia (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

51- Un Chuletón de Ávila

This cut of meat is fabulous. soft, juicy and ... giant. But make no mistake, the Ávila steak should be accompanied with chips and some salad, nothing else.

52- Rotten pot

The rotten pot is a traditional Burgos stew made with red beans and different parts of the pork, as well as sausage, blood sausage and vegetables . It is a forceful recipe, perfect for winter. That his name does not scare you: the name comes from "pot powerful" ... of "power" , is a powerful dish.

53- Almerian wheat pot

Traditional Almeria stew, which is prepare with chickpeas, pork (bacon, ear ...), some pieces of chicken, potatoes, wheat and many fennel.

Photo and recipe: acocinaderadiofilabres.blogspot.com

54- Small gypsy (tripe to the Andalusian)

This delicious dish is not suitable for summer. The ideal is to eat it well into the autumn, when the body starts needing extra calories.

Recipe and photo belong to: cuinaamblamestressa.blogspot.com

55- Jijona Nougat

The jijona soft nougat is a Christmas classic. The best thing of all is that you can learn to do it by following the link above.

56- Atascaburras

Winter dish, snow days. It is made with cod, potatoes, olive oil, garlic, nuts and hard-boiled egg.Trying it once is falling in love forever.

By Juan Mejuto (originally posted to Flickr as MP1240740) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

58- Rice with crust

Another dish from the Valencian community made with rice. In this case with sausages and chorizo. After cooking, the egg is placed on top and baked so that it is cooked and the "scab" is made.

By Hinzel (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

59- Galician Percebes

Barnacles should be eaten cooked with salt and more nothing. Do not get carried away by its extraterrestrial appearance, its meat is delicious.

By Daddybinro (Own work) [GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

60- Widowed rice, and its version with chickpeas called "Arroz de escribano"

Widowed rice is something as simple as a vegetarian paella. To the version with chickpeas they call it "scribe rice".

61- Fabes with clams

Delicious Asturian dish that uses the "faba" (the same grain of the famous fabada) as the main ingredient with a good portion of clams. A delicacy with a sea flavor.

By daniel julià lundgren (originally posted to Flickr as fabes with clams) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

62- Soup moruna

It is an Almeria dish that is directly related to the Moroccan soup called "harira". It is made with lentils or chickpeas (or both), and lamb meat. Delight like no other.

By Kattusa24 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

63- Trucha a la navarra

Fried fish, stuffed with ham or bacon. Some wonderful human beings fill it with ham and for that, they have guaranteed heaven.

Photo and recipe: gastronomistico.com

64- Pig's ear the plate

A typical dish of taverns. They usually make them with garlic. Ideal to accompany with a straw.

65- Canarian potatoes with mojo canario

Potatoes cooked with lots of salt, preferably marinade, and accompanied by the famous Canarian mojo picón made with pepper, garlic, cumin and coriander.

66- Carlist eggs

This dish dates from the 19th century and is a fried egg lightly so that the yolk is liquid in the middle, then they pass it through béchamel sauce, it is breaded and it is fried again. Is not that wonderful?

Photo and recipe: la-cocina-paso-a-paso

67- Potatoes a la riojana

Also known as potatoes with chorizo.Ideal to eat accompanied by a cup of coffee.

Photo and recipe: dulcegourmett.blogspot.com.es

69- Porrusalda with cod

The porrusalda, like so many other Basque dishes, is fishermen's food. A simple recipe made with potatoes, cod and leeks.

70- Grilled sardines (in the port of Santurtzi, Bilbao)

Would you say "sardines on the grill? they do it everywhere ", yes, ok, but go to the Basque Country, try them and then we talk.

71- Stewed beans from the ship

The beans of the ship are grown in Ávila. They are large and white, and because they are exclusive to that region, it is advisable to eat them there.

72- Lentils a la riojana

Again lentils, but they are so delicious ... The Rioja version can also carry sausage (from the region), potatoes, carrots and bacon.

73- Baked lamb chops

They can be baked or grilled. You can accompany them with baked potatoes and some morronos peppers on the top. You do not need anything else in life.

74 - Callos a la madrileña

Another legendary dish of Spanish cuisine. Classic bars, bars, taverns, clubs, holes, Madrid. Chorizo, morcillo and stomach of beef. In some places they add chickpeas.

By Javier Lastras from Spain/Spain (We Cook the Callos one more time in his sauce) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

75- Farm beans

These giant beans are typical of Segovia. Excellent for the winter season.

76- Pincho moruno

The delicious spicy spice of Andalusian origin. The idea is that it is made of lamb, but if it is served as pork or chicken it is also delicious.

Photo Gonzalo Iza - deturisteo.com

77- anchovies in vinegar

Typical tapa that you get for free in the bars when you're drinking beer or wine. A classic that never hurts and that many are really fanatical.

78- Asturian pot

It is a stew made with white beans, they should not be confused with fabas. As every good stew has sausage and blood sausage (obviously Asturian), potatoes, cabbage and ears or pork tails.If you want to learn how to prepare it, you can read the recipe by clicking on the link above.

81- Battered Chopitos

Chopitos are a type of small squid. They are passed through flour and fried. They are served at the table with a lemon on the side and you know what to do. Delicious.

82- Angulas a la bilbaína

Garlic cloves, chilli peppers, olive oil and elvers, all cooked in a casserole.

Photo and recipe: cucharitadepalo.blogspot.com.es

83- Rice with milk

Traditional dessert in Spain and beyond. They usually have it in restaurants that offer "menu of the day". In Comedera.Com you have a rich and easy recipe.

84 - Panellets

Panellets are marzipan sweets that are specially prepared for All Saints' Day in Catalonia.

85- Roscón de Reyes

This famous sweet bread is prepared for the day of kings. Inside it hides a small toy for that lucky child who will touch the "awarded" piece.

By Tamorlan (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

86- Rice with lobster

The lobster is a delicious crustacean family of lobster and crayfish. It is the protagonist of this dish and look, it's infinitely cool.

Photo and recipe: cocinadepepe.blogspot.com.es

87- Pickled dogfish h3>

Typical Andalusian dish, from the Cádiz region. It is basically overflowing fish wheels which, as the name implies, were previously marinated.

Photo and recipe: gastronomiaenverso.es

88- Seafood Zarzuela

Seafood, and in several cases fish, cooked in casserole in their own juices. Sometimes with tomato and some brandy to give it a special flavor.

Photo and recipe: chefalpaso.com

89- Sea and mountain

It sounds weird a dish that mixes chicken with prawns. But this recipe, of Catalan origin, does it perfectly.

Photo and recipe: comosiempremadreando.wordpress.com

90- Vegetable stew h3>

This delicious vegetable stew is served as an entree or as an accompaniment to another dish.Among the most delicious is to prepare stew, Cordovan style.

94- Navajas al ajillo

One of the most delicious seashells that exist. Cooked with garlic and parsley for greater happiness.

Photo and recipe: Recetasyconsejos.com

95- Torrijas

Famous dessert that charges prominence in Holy Week throughout Spain.

By Tamorlan (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

96- White garlic

Delicious cold Andalusian soup ideal for hot days. Its main ingredients: garlic and almonds.

By cyclonebill from Copenhagen, Denmark (White garlicUploaded by palnatoke) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

97- Meatballs in sauce

A dish that is usually obtained as a tapa in bars or as a main dish accompanied by salad or potatoes.

98- Baked kid

Accompanied by potatoes and a good bottle of red wine.

Photo and recipe: Cocinaconquenyin.blogspot.com.es

99- Cod omelette

Inside the typical Spanish food the tor Tillas have an important place. In this case, with cod it is the perfect dish to accompany a good glass of cider.

Photo and recipe: Cocinan2aqui.blogspot.com.es

100- Butifarra with white beans

The famous Catalan chorizo ​​with beans. A dish full of flavor and calories.

Photo and recipe: comococinoyo.blogspot.com

Trying to build a list of 100 indispensable Spanish food dishes not It's easy, there are many more. And it is very possible that I have been left out some, but hey, I am human and this is a subjective list, it is not at all a document praised by supreme gastronomic authorities of the Iberian Peninsula. It's just me, writing with ENOUGH starvation.

Do you have dishes that are not on this list? What are your favorites? Tell us!

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