36 recipes for easy and healthy salads

There are as many salad recipes as human beings willing to invent them. It is a dish where creativity can be infinite.

You can prepare easy salads of practically whatever you can think of: Fish salad? Go ahead, salad of chickpeas and lentils? Of course! Yogurt salad with chocolate? I just invented it but ... Sure!

The salads are so fresh, healthy and delicious ... they also make contrast as accompanists of strong dishes or they can even be a only dish, a dinner for example.

Ideally, our homemade salads, have the ingredients they have, their highest percentage corresponds to vegetables and/or fresh fruits and in less quantity to that ingredient "crazy" or original.

Here at Comedera.Com we have several recipes for salads , both traditional and some more creative.

Healthy salad recipes

Tomato salad recipes: Ideal for summer because of its freshness, salads with Tomatoes are very easy to make and lend themselves to be very creative with them.

Caprese salad: One of the most popular that is also very easy to make at home. Mozzarella cheese and basil are the key to this dish.

Spinach salad : I present 6 salad recipes whose main ingredients are spinach. Very nutritious and easy to make.

Pasta salad: Salads with pasta They are ideal as a complete meal. They can be very fresh, food as well as healthy. Here are 20 recipes to choose from!

Eggplant salad: Eggplants are amazing , you can prepare them in a thousand ways and they are always going to be delicious. Try them in the form of a salad and you will be amazed.

Pasta salad with tuna: A very easy-to-make dish that you can prepare for dinner.

Salad of pasta with chicken: Very similar to the version with tuna, but with chicken, jejejeje. Personally I like this one more.

Salad with white beans: Salad recipes with legume are among my favorites. They are a complete meal, high in proteins that are perfect after exercising.

Chickpea salad and spinach: Speaking of legumes, this salad is among the most powerful on this list. What better food than spinach and accompanied by chickpeas? Try it!

Potato salad: There are many ways to prepare salads with potatoes , from the classic German to accompany sausages, to versions with egg and tuna.Besides being incredibly healthy.

Shrimp salad: A very simple and delicious recipe which mixes the taste of the sea with green freshness.

Fruit salad : It is traditionally served as a dessert, at the end of the meal, but you can put it halfway between meals.

Salad of arugula and salmon fillets: In this case he presented you a complete meal; a delicious salmon fillet cooked on the grill and a fresh salad with arugula, cherry tomatoes and zucchini. Very healthy!

fattoush salad: An exquisite salad of very light Arab origin and easy to make.

Salad with arugula and apple: Another recipe you can make at home at any time and that admits extra ingredients depending on your creativity.

Caesar salad : Who does not know this famous salad recipe? Its base is lettuce, toast and Parmesan cheese. Then take a sauce known as "cesar sauce" based on garlic and other ingredients and, finally, you can get extra ingredients like chicken.

Gulas salad: Delicious easy salad made with gulas, tomatoes, radishes, lettuce and garlic.

Bean salad: With a pot of beans, cherry tomatoes, red onion and parsley you can prepare this delicious homemade salad.

Murcian salad: Simple, healthy and fresh salad made with tuna, egg, olive and tomato.

Greek salad: Feta cheese is the stellar ingredient of this delicious easy salad. It also has cucumbers, tomatoes and black olives.

Salad jacket: A delicious salad high in protein to feed on hot days. Eggs, tuna and tomato make a great trio of flavors.

Waldorf Salad: Light and quick to make. A legendary green salad that includes apples, celery, raisins and nuts. You'll love it!

Lentil salad: Ideal for dinner. We already know how delicious and nutritious the lentils are, right? Then add tomatoes, cucumber and red onion for a refreshing and unforgettable recipe.

Quinoa Salad: Now that quinoa is so fashionable, you could not miss a simple and healthy salad made with this ingredient. In addition to corn, avocado, broccoli and tomato.

Rice salad: Another different way to eat rice. The possibilities are almost endless. In this case peppers, zucchini, tomatoes and even sausages!

Russian Salad: The famous Russian salad of all life, the one served in bars, the one we all know ... the one made with potatoes , carrot, peas and mayonnaise. Recipe very easy!

Prawns salad: It has some similarity to the Russian salad, includes peas, mayonnaise and carrot, but also cooked prawns. It is perfect for canapés, to spread on bread or biscuits.

Cabbage Salad: Also known as "coleslaw", it is one of the easiest of all. If you do not know how to prepare salads, then this is a recipe that you can start with. Ideal to accompany fried or fried chicken 🙂

German Salad: A high-calorie recipe, a little distant from the "light" and "healthy" that characterizes a traditional salad. It is made with potatoes, sausages, eggs, mayonnaise and mustard. Oh, but how delicious it is!

Apple salad: Good, good!Well, start here! Avocado, tomato, radish and onion. In addition to we propose delicious variations of this recipe.

Cod Salad: The cod fits all. Of course it could not be otherwise in the case of a homemade salad. This is another refreshing and delicious meal that I recommend for hot days.

Green bean salad: Simple and delicious, very nutritious, plus it is a recipe that will leave you satisfied, with your gut happy. It is made with beans (green), cherry tomatoes, olives and radishes, among other things.

As you have seen we have easy salads, very healthy homemade salads, ideal to make at dinner or even as a lunch depending on your diet. For example, salads with pasta or legumes are a complete meal that can be part of your weekly diet.

Now that you have reviewed our list, prepare the one that catches the most attention and puts your personal touch . 🙂

In addition to salad recipes we have some dressings that we think are worth knowing:

  • A yogurt and curry dressing that you will want to add to all your salads .
  • Six salad dressings that are amazing.

These salads can be eaten alone or can be part of a complete menu. Check our cooking recipes for inspiration, or jump directly to our pages of meat recipes, chicken recipes or fish and seafood recipes.

And remember what I said at the beginning: some of these Salad recipes work perfect as a single dish, especially if you're taking care of your daily calorie intake.

Get inspired and prepare a delicious meal! And then tell us!