52 easy homemade dessert recipes

Homemade desserts are, for me, the best way to end a meal. Yes, it is true that there are patisseries and stores that sell wonderful sweets, but the charm of the homemade dessert is irreplaceable, and better if it is freshly made and fresh, even hot, or very well refrigerated when it comes to a cold dessert.

In addition, the homemade desserts are the best when it comes to inventing recipes or combinations: add chocolate here, cinnamon over there, change the fruits that come in the recipe, change the traditional milk for milk of rice or show off from the ingredients with a good homemade yogurt.

Dessert is the best moment of the meal, the starting point for the after-dinner, and that's why you have to show off. Of course, that showing off does not mean spending hours and hours in the kitchen. So to keep the principle of simple and at the same time rich recipes, let's talk about easy homemade dessert recipes , in a list where everything, absolutely everything, is designed to end up sucking your fingers. p>

Homemade dessert recipes

Challenge for chefs and diners: what is the best dish on this dessert list?

I have five favorites, but I will not tell anything so as not to bias the opinions of who is going to prepare them, and to try them. Of those five, I have three that are not only simple desserts , but almost prepare themselves. And to think that there are still people who think that cooking means to end up sweating.

I'd better finish with my speaking moment, and leave you with the best sweet recipes. Remember to click on the title of each dessert to access the note.

The best recipes for homemade cakes

  1. Lemon cakes: cakes are the kind of dessert that everyone likes, it's easy to prepare, and for which you always have the right ingredients in the kitchen. This comes with lemon flavor, because who does not always have a lemon in the kitchen? In addition, it is a dessert recipe so easy to make, that you can even prepare it with children.
  2. Pumpkin sponge cake: for many, the most delicious way to eat pumpkin is cake. Who can resist a good recipe for pumpkin pie? Let this dessert come out hot from the oven, and leave the kitchen smelling: that gives you a craving to eat in less than a second.
  3. Chocolate cake: the other flavors of biscuits are delicious, that's unquestionable. But chocolate is a safe bet when the idea is that absolutely everyone likes it. It is unfair. Chocolate has all the advantage as a flavor for baking recipes.
  4. Yogurt cake: rich, healthy, fluffy and creamy. A classic of easy but effective confectionery.
  5. Lemon yogurt cake: the citric version of the dessert mentioned above.
  6. Chocolate brownie: it is true that there are no brownies that are not of chocolate, but the mere fact of falling into redundancy generates an automatic sense of happiness, because it means that you will eat more chocolate than ever. The amount of chocolate in a dessert is directly proportional to the satisfaction of the guests, and that is a key principle when preparing easy and inexpensive desserts.
  7. Orange sponge cake: the orange sponge cake is a symbol of pastry subtlety, and the best way to combine cake recipes with vitamin C.
  8. Apple cake: to get out the most common flavors among cupcake recipes. The apple earned, very deservedly, his place on this list. Tip: with walnuts and cinnamon, this cake is sublime.
  9. Carrot cake: for a lot this easy dessert is the favorite of your tables.Butter cookies have the magic of those sweet recipes that you can eat at any time, anywhere, and make everyone happy. A guaranteed success in the realm of simple desserts.
  10. Chocolate chip cookies: never, ever, no one will say no to this easy , fast and perfect to give you the Welcome to the new neighbors, it's a favorite among homemade dessert recipes.
  11. Vanilla cookies: if you crave a quick dessert to eat with good coffee, these cookies are prepared in a blink of eyes, and they are a classic.
  12. Homemade Oreo Cookies: if we start from the law that "the more chocolate, the tastier", this recipe is worthy of a television award.
  13. Oatmeal cookies: lovers of healthy ingredients also have a special cookie recipe for them.
  14. Chocolate cookies: more chocolate cookie recipes, because chocolate dessert recipes will soon dominate to the world. This is so good that it will be part of the governing council.

Recipes of easy and delicious homemade cakes

  1. Maria biscuit cake: Let the cream come out everywhere. That's the best part of eating this cake, with a preparation as easy as adding two zeros. First of this list in the category of cold dessert recipes.
  2. Homemade cheese cake: a delicious and traditional dessert that you have surely eaten many times. It's time to learn how to do it at home
  3. Philadelphia Cheesecake: famous as a reality show singer, this recipe comes in two versions. The first, for lovers of desserts without an oven, and the second, baked and ideal for rainy days.
  4. Yogurt cake: with a delicious layer of sweet marmalade on top.
  5. Apple pie: apple desserts are always wonderful, and this is no exception.
  6. Lemon pie: democratically, this note came under the category of "pie recipes", but we could also have created one of "dessert recipes with lemon". This foot is perfect with its final layer of meringue. In case you want to change the technique for this part of the preparation, leave another option here: French meringue.
  7. Carrot cake: simply glorious when it is also filled with the same cream of frosting. li>
  8. Chocolate cake: a flash recipe, so you still have more options for easy and inexpensive desserts that you can prepare with chocolate.
  9. Apple pie: even tastier than your grandmother's recipe , it is one of those quick desserts that make it seem like it took you centuries to prepare it.
  10. Sacher cake: the famous Austrian chocolate desserts. A recipe delight to try.
  11. Three chocolates cake: a dessert made with 3 types of chocolate: white, milk and black is, without a doubt, the perfect dessert.

Other homemade candy recipes


  1. Cupcakes: In the category that I named "loose desserts" (because you can take one or several, or compress a good amount on your plate, with the excuse that they are small ), the cupcakes had to come out first. These cakes are a classic of easy and inexpensive desserts, and a blank canvas at the time of decoration.
  2. Chocolate Muffins: the most pleasant way to pass a dessert for breakfast. I love the decorations with coconut.
  3. Profiteroles: surprisingly easy to prepare, but many people think that it is a complicated recipe.In addition, it is one of the easiest preparations among dessert recipes without an oven.
  4. Chocolate muffins: We already said it, the more chocolate, the better the world is. And I have the theory that this principle is stronger when chocolate comes in muffins.
  5. Homemade muffins: the chocolate-free version of muffins, with a mild flavor and fluffy texture.
  6. Apple strudel: the well-known German dessert "apfelstrudel" explained step by step so you can do it at home.
  7. Brioche crown: delicious homemade sweet filled with custard and coffee.
  8. Healthy apple cake: no sugar and includes muesli and granola.
  9. Strawberry cake with sugar-free cream: another healthy dessert prepared with the favorite fruit of many.
  10. Carrot cake : delicious homemade cake with icing and nuts.
  11. Roasted apples: delicious apples cooked in the oven with a stream of wine, honey and cinnamon.
  12. Pastel tres leches: a traditional and delicious dessert popular in Mexican cuisine that, as its name suggests, is prepared with 3 types of milk: condensed, evaporated and cream of l Eche.

Creams, mousses and other soft homemade sweets

  1. Chocolate mousse: I think there is nothing easier than a recipe in four steps, and this is an excellent example. Above all, it carries chocolate.
  2. White chocolate mousse: to change the previous recipe, here came the best friend of chocolate. Of course, it's about white chocolate. In fact, seeing it coldly, it is still trying chocolate, but at the same time the taste is very different. I need philosophers to discuss this topic.
  3. Strawberry Mousse: We know that among the readers of Comedera.com, there are many lovers of dessert recipes without an oven. This is emblematic, and, in addition, it is prepared in less than half an hour.
  4. Paleo chocolate mousse (without sugar): another pampered between our recipes for cold desserts, which has nothing to do with the first that we publish in this category. Do you know the paleo diet? Then you will like this a lot.
  5. Rice with milk: it is not a cream, but a creamy dessert. It is the quintessential family recipe, among desserts without an oven.
  6. Soft nougat from Jijona: the king of Christmas desserts is surprisingly easy to make. So easy, you can prepare with children.
  7. Yogurt ice cream: nothing better than this dessert without oven, healthy, soft and creamy.
  8. Cheese flan: the famous creamy dessert , explained step by step, very easy to make.
  9. Pastry cream: this is the queen of pastry creams, very useful to prepare many of the recipes published here.
  10. Apple compote: sweet easy to make based on apples. Ideal for eating alone or as a crepe filling or even for French toast.
  11. Catalan Cream: traditional dessert recipe from Catalonia made with egg yolk, milk and sugar. Simple and delicious.
  12. Crème brûlée: the French version of the Catalan cream, is prepared with cream instead of milk.

In addition to our infallible selection of homemade desserts Guaranteed by the Comedera.com team, it occurred to us to leave an additional list of some homemade dessert recipes that we saw online, and we liked them. Bon appetit.

  • Fried chocolate
  • Dulce de leche and cookies truffles
  • English cream
  • Grapefruit mousse
  • li>
  • Liquor and cherry-filled candies
  • Caramel and raspberry flan
  • Orange cupcakes
  • Peach mousse

After presenting this huge list, I have to ask you: What are your favorite homemade desserts? Those that remind you of your home, share in the comments 🙂