Peruvian food recipes

Peruvian food is among the most delicious in the world. It has a variety of impressive dishes and a number of incredible ingredients and flavors.

It is not free that Peruvian cuisine has become popular in recent years. He really has something to do with!

In countries like Spain there are more and more Peruvian restaurants. The immigration of recent years has not only included people, the ingredients and cooking techniques of this Andean country have been opening space in different parts of the world. Welcome to all corners of the planet!

Let's see ... what do you know about Peruvian food?

1- The Peruvian food that we enjoy so much is product of miscegenation. The arrival of the Spanish influenced the already traditional ancestral culinary preparations of the civilizations that were in the territory.

2- The Chinese and Japanese immigration of the late nineteenth century ended molding and expanding the Peruvian flavors.

3- A fusion of Chinese food with the Peruvian one they say "chifa" and Japanese with the Peruvian "Nikkei" .

4- Geography. It's not just cultural mixes. In Peru there is an Amazon jungle, really high mountains and a huge marine coast. Join the products of each region and you get a country rich in gastronomy like almost no other.

5- The chili is the stellar ingredient of Peruvian cuisine. The most used ones are the ají amarillo , and the ají rocoto.

  • Here I tell you a little more about the ají amarillo.

6- Biodiversity. Peru has more than 2500 different types of potatoes (potatoes), 150 varieties of sweet potato (sweet potato), 50 types of corn, 500 types of fruits original. In addition, in its waters (continental and oceanic) there are 2000 different varieties of fish. Do you know everything you can cook with this enormous amount of flora and fauna?

7- Did you know that the tomato is originally from Peru? Some studies suggest that from Peru it jumped to Mexico sometime between the 15th and 16th centuries and from there to Europe.

8- Ceviche You can also write cebiche, seviche and sebiche . If you use one of those variations and someone tells you that you wrote it wrong, ignore it. As for its origin, some historians give the cebiche more than 2000 years old, and for a long time no lemon was used to prepare it (it came much later), the main ingredients at that time were raw fish, chili and salt.

Peruvian food recipes for go crazy

At Comedera.Com there are some fun Peruvian dishes. Check them out:

Fish ceviche: the star dish of Peruvian food. Prepare a perfect ceviche requires a few simple steps that do not all comply, but I explain here.

Chupe de camarones: One of the most powerful and delicious soups that exist not only in Peru, but throughout the Americas. Look, it's not that hard to prepare.

Chicken suck: Similar to suck of shrimp. Exquisite soup that works great to get out of bed after a big hangover.

Rice with seafood: One of my favorite dishes of Peruvian cuisine.It is made with shredded chicken and a sauce based on a lot of yellow pepper.

Stuffed Cause: The stuffed cause is also a star dish of Peruvian cuisine. It can be made from chicken, shrimp, crab or tuna as in this recipe.

Chaufa rice: Peruvian food is very influenced by Chinese food. This dish has been the Peruvian version of Chinese rice.

Juicy loin: Another dish with clear Asian influences. You can eat it in any Peruvian restaurant, and from today, at home 🙂

Shrimp Ceviche: If the fish option does not appeal to you, then you have this with shrimp that is deeeeliciosa!

We also have some recipes that are not authentically Peruvian but are inspired or use typical Peruvian ingredients.

Asian ceviche: the ceviches are perfect to get creative in the kitchen. In this case I put ginger, green mango and sesame oil and .. OH YES!

Squid stewed with Rocoto sauce: A classic squid stew to which I gave a Peruvian touch. Simple and delicious recipe.

Do you want reasons to go to Peru to taste its delicious gastronomy?

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