Rice recipes

Learn how to prepare different rice recipes that range from the most basic, such as preparing a simple white rice to accompany your meals, to wonderful and unforgettable dishes such as a paella, a risotto or a caldo rice of those that yield infinitely.

In general rules making rice is quite simple. The instructions are usually similar for any way of doing it, you only need the grain and liquid to cook it. From this simple rule come the variations: more water to be creamy, another little more to make it broth, a sauce to flavor it, vegetables and proteins to turn it into a complete dish, a splash of sauce and a skillet to sauté it ...

Among the hundreds of cooking recipes published on Comedera.Com, we have many simple and delicious rice recipes that we want you to meet and encourage you to prepare.

Recipes with rice for any occasion


The queen of rice recipes. Whether you make paella Valenciana or paella de marisco, this is a legendary dish that will always leave those who eat it happy.

We also have a delicious mixed paella that you can prepare with almost anything you have at home.

And of course, the amazing black rice, made with squid ink.

Cald rice

Broth rice is wonderful when there are days of cold and rain. They warm the body and make you happy. Besides, they perform well and feed powerfully.

You can make broth rice of whatever you can think of. Here are some recipes:

  • Rice with prawns broth
  • Rice broth with chicken
  • Rice broth fish


My God! Making risottos is a culinary work of art, worth noting, is available to everyone. It's not hard!

  • Mushroom Risotto
  • Pumpkin risotto (this is amazing!)
  • Seafood risotto
  • Risotto with dried tomatoes and mushrooms

Rice with chicken

One of my favorites of a lifetime, it reminds me of my grandmothers and my mother. Write down this recipe that you will love!

Chinese rice

Chinese rice is epic, delicious and very popular, learn to prepare it at home.

Also, know how is Chinese rice Peruvian Chaufa Rice and the Chinese rice they make in Spain Tres Delicias Rice.

More rice recipes

Red rice: the traditional way of preparing rice in Mexico. The base is concentrated tomato sauce and is used to accompany any recipe typical of Mexican cuisine.

Arroz a la cubana: more than a recipe is a dish that takes white rice, egg, banana and salsa tomato. Very easy to make.

Rice with Peruvian seafood is an amazing dish, some people compare it with paella, because of the ingredients, but the taste is something else.

Congri Cuban: a delicious rice with black beans and pork ribs.In addition, everything that is made with cod is exquisite 🙂

Rice with dried tomatoes and mushrooms: it is a very easy dish to make, ideal for dinner.

Rice with coconut: It is not a sweet dessert, it is a way to prepare rice that is ideal to accompany some Asian dishes.

Rice with vegetables: ideal as a garnish for chicken or meat recipes, a simple and healthy rice.

Creamy rice with pork ribs: it goes without saying that everything that has pork ribs is wonderful and perfect right?

Dirty rice: do not scare your name, it's about a recipe for rice from the city of New Orleans in the United States. Try it!

Stewed rice with zucchini and sausages: a delicious recipe for rice that you can make with the ingredients you have left over in the fridge.

Rice with nuts: a way to turn your old rice into a slightly more exotic recipe.

Rice with milk: one of the most popular Spanish and Latin American desserts that exist. Simple and delicious.

Rice for sushi: finally we unveil the secret to prepare the famous Japanese rice that costs so much to many. It is not difficult but it requires some practice to make it perfect.

Chicken paella: it is similar to the aforementioned mixed paella but without the ingredients of the sea.

Rice salad: a way of eating rice that you might not have imagined. Salad form is also very fresh, ideal for summer.

White rice: and finally, the most important recipe on this list, which serves as a starting point to prepare other dishes with rice.

Did you like our rice recipes? Well, be aware that this list will always be increasing.