Fish and Seafood Recipes

When someone talks to us about seafood, the first thing that comes to mind is the image of a seafood restaurant: a beautiful paella, a casserole with sea shells, a huge Galician octopus, a spectacular fillet of hake battered, a Peruvian ceviche and like these, thousands of other recipes of fish and seafood.

The most likely thing is that in imagining each dish you have come to mind the respective flavors and smells ... oh yes, they are there ... Did it make you hungry? And now what are you going to do?

Well, if you like the fruits of the sea I have good news for you: we have many recipes of fish and seafood published in Comedera.Com so you can be inspired and cooked.

Learn how to make rice (risottos, paellas), grilled fish, in sauce or baked, croquettes, Asian dishes, Peruvian recipes ... and of course, delicious and epic recipes of Spanish cuisine.

Fish and seafood recipes: from the sea to the table

You may have a close relative, friend or partner who knows how to prepare fish and seafood recipes like the gods, if that is the case, Stop reading this page and ask for advice. If not, go ahead, there are fun things.

seafood paella Seafood Paella: The queen of all, of course, yes. The seafood paella is among the favorite dishes of all lovers of marine flavors.

seafood risotto recipe Seafood risotto: If you like more creamy rice dishes, then this risotto is for you.

 marmitako of tuna top Tuna Marmitako: The Basques are the kings of sea food. This dish is prepared only with tuna, potatoes and peppers, and you die with the result.

making cod to the vizcaina Bacalao a la vizcaína: More Basque gastronomy. One of the most exquisite dishes of the Iberian Peninsula.

fish croquettes Fish croquettes: Croquettes are always fun, we like them all and never leave anyone bad. If they are fish, better.

Galician octopus Galician octopus: Another signature dish of Spanish cuisine. Simple as you have no idea, delicious like no other.

ceviche peruano Fish ceviche: gastronomy Peruvian is fashionable all over the world. And possibly the ceviche is your signature dish. It's wonderful!

fish stock fumet Fish stock: This is a recipe Useful. The basis of many dishes published here is a good fish stock.

fish and seafood recipes

Squid with onions: prepared with a delicious sauce based on fish stock, onion and white wine.

Squid in American sauce: delicious recipe with squid, onions, tomato sauce and a stream of cognac or wine. Easy to prepare.

Calamares a la romana: the traditional calamari battered in a lifetime, simple to prepare and very delicious. Ideal to share.

Tuna onions: a delicious homemade dish, simple to make. Its main ingredients, besides the tuna, are the onion, tomato sauce and peppers.

Salmon tartare: just as fresh and delicious as the tuna tartar.The delicate flavor of the sauce marvelously accompanies fish and seafood.

Tuna tartar with avocado: with this recipe you can surprise your guests. It is a simple and very delicious dish that makes the most of its ingredients.

Shrimp scrambled: there are a thousand ways to eat scrambled eggs, but when you prepare them with prawns we talk about culinary ecstasy.

Homemade sushi: we have all eaten sushi once (or many times). Well, it's time for you to learn to do it at home. It's easier than you think.

Cod croquettes: within the realm of croquettes, those of cod are the most delicious of all, without discussion.

Baked sea bass: The famous sea bass, also known as sea bass, is cooked in the oven in 30 minutes. It is a healthy and delicious food.

Cream of shrimp: Perfect recipe for special occasions. Very easy to make and sooo delicious.

Gulas salad: a delicious and refreshing recipe made from this well-known seafood, plus tomatoes, lettuce and radishes.

Cod with Tomato: a simple and traditional recipe, one of those of a lifetime.

How to make shrimp ceviche: if you were successful preparing fish ceviche, try the shrimp ceviche. Delicious!

Anchovies in vinegar: the classic anchovies that we like so much, that serve as tapas in bars, very easy to make at home.

Prawns salad: a delicious salad (or salad) used to spread bread and biscuits.

Homemade Galician pie: one of the most legendary recipes in Galicia, explained step by step for you.

Squid in your ink: one of the most delicious seafood recipes that exist, it is accompanied with white rice 🙂

Homemade seafood soup: this is a very simple recipe to prepare, you can practically use any seafood you have available.

Recipe of black rice: made with cuttlefish ink or squid, this rice is a must when visiting the Valencian community. Learn how to do at home step by step.

How to make pasta salad with tuna: here we have a very healthy recipe that is perfect for dinner.

Baked salmon recipe: one of those easy and healthy fish recipes that everyone should know how to prepare.

How to make baked salmon with potatoes: if you add potatoes and some other vegetable to the salmon, you have an ideal meal for lunch.

Easy grilled salmon: cooked on the grill the salmon is even easier to prepare, and of course it is still healthy.

Cod ajoarriero fácil: a classic fish recipe of Spanish gastronomy.

Mixed paella recipe: if you put chicken in paella, you have a mixed paella. Simple and delicious.

Gambas al ajillo: another of those Spanish seafood recipes that we all love.

Easy and cheap fish soup: a simple, delicious soup, and very nutritional. You accompany it with bread and ready. Total happiness.

Recipe of rice broth of fish: the world of the rice is incredible, preferably caldosos, and preferably with fruits of sea. This is perfect.

Calamares stewed with Peruvian chili pepper: a recipe inspired by Peruvian cuisine. It's a bit spicy, but it's delicious.

Baked fish recipes: check out our entire list of baked fish recipes. You're going to like it.

Recipe of pasta with shrimp: a good fish dish will never leave you bad for anyone, and if you have shrimp (or prawns if you prefer) much better!

Salmon steaks with arugula salad: more healthy recipes with salmon, but it's so delicious ... here we include the salad.

Shrimp salad: a refreshing recipe, ideal for hot days summer. Besides being very healthy.

Easy baked sardines: is it true that sardines are delicious?Squids, potatoes and tomato sauce. Simple and effective.

How to make rice with cod: there are a billion ways to make cod and this is one of the best. I guarantee it.

Porrusalda with Bacalao: direct from the Basque Country, cod, potatoes, leeks and lots of olive oil.

How to make rice with squid: a paella style rice, but only with squid. It's my favorite foods.

Hake with prawns and clams: A recipe for fish and seafood easy to prepare.

Fish fillets in coconut sauce: we continue with the fish recipes simple and especially delicious. And the fish and coconut make a great pair.

Recipe of rice with Peruvian seafood: one of the most delicious Peruvian dishes that have been invented. I invite you to prepare it and enjoy it.

Rice with shrimp and coconut milk: a creamy rice that will make you repeat 2 and 3 times.

Mango and seafood curry: Another curry, this time with prawns and squid. And with a mango that gives a touch of fabulous flavor.

Fish Fingers coated with curry: this is a good recipe to share in a group. Who does not want to dip their fingers in curry sauce because it does not, but my mother of what is going to be lost.

Tuna stewed with paprika: a delicious homemade dish that does not need much explanation, the taste speaks for itself.

Chinese squid dumplings: you've probably gone to a Chinese restaurant and tried the delicious pork dumplings, well, here you have them stuffed with squid

Shrimp with pineapple curry: another curry whose main ingredient is shrimp, shrimp or prawn. In this case with pineapple for a sweet touch and spectacular acid.

How to make shrimp broth: this is a basic recipe, such as fish stock, that you can use to prepare other dishes from this list.

Chupe de Camarones: a traditional Peruvian recipe, explained step by step so you can prepare it and be happy.

Camarones con curry jamaiquino: in the Caribbean there are also recipes with curry, in this case with prawns. Attention: it's spicy!

Asian style fish ceviche: if you add a couple of extra ingredients to fish ceviche, you have a recipe that fuses Latin American flavors with Asian cuisine.

Fish in green sauce: another classic of home cooking, a recipe of a lifetime. Simple and healthy.

Shrimp in peanut sauce: Asian dish prepared with the famous "satay" sauce made with peanuts. It's addictive!

Oven-baked fish: an easy and healthy fish recipe that you can easily prepare at home.

Recipe of rice with prawns: a plate of those from mother and grandmother, who comforts us and warms us when it's cool.

If seafood is not your thing, at Comedera.Com we have many other easy cooking recipes for you. Maybe you prefer something with chicken or some meat or pork stew.