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Wok of Flame is Davis’ best Chinese restaurant! We strive to provide the tastiest Chinese food combined with the freshest ingredients and excellent customer service.  Come dine with us today and see for yourself!
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Rate Y.

I have been coming here for years with my kids, family and friends. It's not a large place but it's comfy. Lots of young employees but they move quick. The last 4 times I've been here we had a server named Zack, he is cheerful, upbeat, welcoming and attentive. This last time we came in, another employee seemed irritated because we wanted a booth for out birthday party. No biggie... I've been serving for 20+ years, so I know the feeling when you aren't in a hurry to clean a table. But Zack jumped right in, cleaned things up and switched the mood. Thanks for that! We came here this last time because two of my kids are vegan and I'm not. It's hard to find places to eat where the whole family can enjoy, but Wok of Flame works for us and the food is delicious. The prices are fair and the portions are reasonably sized. I have yet to be disappointed eating here. We will be back and thanks again Zack for being an awesome server! Note to management/ owners the servers pooling tips is not fair in any establishment. Obviously my sever deserved his own tip for doing his own work. Sharing tips with servers who aren't as good is NOT FAIR. It was a little heart breaking that our server wouldn't pocket an extra tip because he was committed to sharing. Nobody else helped him any time we've been in the last few times.


Robin C.

I had lunch here for the first time and the food was excellent and the service was even better.  I love the fact that you can order what is normally fried, steamed instead.  So, my favorite fried sweet and sour chicken just became a little healthier.  It was very busy but we were able to still be seated right away and our server, Leah (she may be one of the managers?)was very kind and attentive.  Thanks for the great food and experience.  I will be back!


Gabriel G.

Yeah, The Wok of Flame. It has a great sound to it but it's just "ok". This was the third time I've been here because it's the go-to lunch destination for the office staff I come to visit occasionally. There is so much more they could do with their food. But there isn't anything to complain about. It's a solid three stars. Good.... not great and far from excellent. On this occasion we did have a bad experience in that we noticed tables that had arrived after us receive their meals well before us. So, do you want fresh ingredients, general Asian dishes with simple flavors? This is your place.


Robert G.

Wok of amazing. I'm picky with my Chinese food and this place is good. I really like their combo dinners too. Great value.


Jack S.

I ordered take out  from this restaurant yesterday for my wife and my daughter for our dinner. I've always like their customer service here and the food is pretty good but reason being me giving 1 star because my wife found a piece of metal brush stuck in the meat. Good thing my 2 year old daughter didn't eat it. I understand mistake will happen but please double check next time when done cooking.


Heather E.

We were looking for a vegetarian friendly place to stop at on a road trip, and I am so glad I read the reviews and we tried this place!The food was delicious, with great flavors, and fresh ingredients. There were tons of really appealing vegetarian options (I had my dream dish- Mongolian tofu!) and my meat eating boyfriend was happy with his meal as well! The staff was nice and attentive. I would have given 5 stars but our waitress presented us with another table's check and then forgot about our bill (I had to finally ask for it.) I am happy to have another great restaurant to add to my list of places to stop on our drives! Their menu promises many happy returns!


Julia E.

Got takeout of sweet& sour chicken, lemon chicken and cream cheese wontons for me and my partner. Food is very good. Maybe a little pricey. Atmosphere when I came to pick up the food, it was empty- maybe three or four table filled out of all tables. Server was friendly when I got the food. I will come and get food again sometime soon! Happy Holidays!


Samin K.

Wok of Flame is your Americanized Chinese food place which is good for me. Other Chinese places in the city falls short. They might be more authentic, but Wok is Flame suites my family's taste bud more. They are relatively affordable, night place to site down or do take out. Our usual order is orange chicken (staple of Chinese food), dynamite beef, honey walnut shrimp, and vegetarian fried rice and chow mein. That is what we always get and it's always spot on


Jill M.

It's not easy to find a Chinese restaurant with more than a couple vegetarian options, so when I saw the menu for Wok of Flame, I was ready to check it out. Parking is a little crowded, being in tnr same shopping center as Nugget, but it wasn't too bad. We were greeted immediately by Zachary, who seated us in a nice and very clean booth. The whole restaurant is very clean and the booth was very comfortable. Zachary was super nice and friendly. He was very pleasant and attentive without being obnoxious. My husband had a combo plate with garlic chicken and I had a combo with mixed vegetables. The combo plates include soup (wonton or sweet and sour), appetizer (pot sticker, cream cheese wonton, egg roll or I think something else), and a side (rice, chow mein, etc.) plus the entree. The chow mein was really good, the veggies were cooked perfectly, the egg roll was one of the best I've had, and the cream cheese wontons were yummy. We had lots of leftovers to take home, too.This will definitely be a go-to place for Chinese!


Deborah D.

Always on point. No complaints ever. Fresh hot food every time.Service is awesome too. It's usually waiters.


Chris H.

Very yummy. The wonton soup was amazing.  The Orange chicken, pork fried rice and veggie noodles were really good. Not greasy . Very light. I am planing another Sunday late lunch to try more things. The dinner combinations are very good price. I ordered two with different meats and soups and it was enough for 3 people. Didnt spend much.


Miss S. C.

Very good and tasty food here price is reasonable and the service is friendly and quick I've ordered shrimp fried rice teriyaki chicken won ton soup everything is great give it a try


Destinee Y.

10 STARS! But seriously this is the best Chinese food in the county in my opinion. The lunch special is the way to go here, you get a massive amount of delicious food for cheap. They have an outstanding amount of vegetarian options and all their tofu dishes are SO GOOD. I also love love love the hot garlic sauce here! Great food, service, and atmosphere,  I will never not recommend Wok of Flame to anyone looking to get some delicious Chinese food and outstanding service!


Lionel S.

I used to love this restaurant, but few weeks ago, the taste felt different, and last friday, I got food poisonning (I took pork fried rice and sweet and sour pork) and spent my night vomitting. So sadly, my decision is made, Wok of Flame, never again!


Joelle L.

The dishes were excellently prepared, but a bit greasy, and served by friendly staff. The seats were sticky, and forks looked poorly washed, but I would definitely come back to eat their food. Every time I come here, I find it better than the last. This business (in my opinion) is doing an amazing job. Definitely recommend.


Paul W.

A good takeout experience. Ordered general chicken, fried mushrooms, broccoli and Mongolian beef. Waiter answered phone fast. It was a Friday evening, yet we had our food 20 minutes after the order. The chicken and mushrooms were still crispy when we got home. Good experience!!You can see they cook with heart. The flour that covered general chicken and mushrooms were yellow, which means they were immersed in beat eggs. It made the taste smoother. All meat dishes were accompanied by different kinds of veggies. Good nutrition balance there. No need to order another veggie dish (I ordered broccoli, tho) in this restaurant, which I always did in other Chinese restaurants to counterbalance the oily meat dishes. Good place to go if you want to have some good Chinese food in Davis!



This is the best Americanized Chinese food in the Sacramento/Davis area. Good flavor. Just the right amount of fried/greasy. Lots of veggie options. Great crispy silken tofu dishes. The egg rolls look like weird monsters, but are so good. The hot and sour soup is clean tasting. Service has always been very attentive and nice. I highly recommend.


Eddie ..

Been hearing about this place for months so decided to drive to Davis and try it. Only downside is parking. After that ALL good. Service was friendly and fast. We got the egg rolls. I'm not a big fan of coconut but I liked them, my wife was ready for another order. The hot and sour was delicious. Kung pao chicken and general chicken were great. Chowmein noodles were perfect. Looking forward to our next trip back to try something different.


Brian G.

Wok of Flame is located in South East Davis in the little shopping area off Mace Avenue. I never discovered it as a student since it's quite far from campus. The food here, while not being traditional Chinese food, is some of the tastiest American style Chinese food in the area. If you love the sweet saucy stir fry they've got some good choices here. I ordered the dynamite chicken combination with potsticker, pork fried rice, and hot & sour soup. The hot & sour soup has a very tame spice and good flavor, but felt lacking on the amount of bamboo and mushroom. The potsticker was pretty much all ground pork but I prefer to have some carrot or cabbage incorporated. The wrapper was too thick so it was puffy, didn't really care for it.The pork fried rice has this yellow brownish color so that caught my eye. Upon tasting it, I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it is. Maybe a little too salty, but the pork added such  depth you usually don't get from normal fried rice. It wasn't too greasy and they give a HUGE amount of rice.Dynamite chicken was.. DYNAMITE! Appropriately named since it explodes your taste buds with sweet & spicy sauce. The chicken is breast meat, fried, and combined in the sauce with onion and bell peppers. If you like sweet & sour or orange chicken, this is like that with a little kick.Interior is dimly lit and doesn't have a Chinese vibe to it. Service was okay, I did take out and food came out pretty quick. Prices are kind of high compared to most Chinese options but they give good portions and have a variety of options. I don't see this being my go-to spot for Chinese takeout but I do think the food is solid.Don't expect the authentic Chinese experience here, but enjoy the food nonetheless.Food: 4.25/5Value: 3.25/5Service: 3/5Overall: 4/5


Ron H.

We were on our way back from Sacramento to Vacaville and found this online with great ratings. Our favorite place in our area is in Fairfield. We ordered the Cherry Pork, Pork Chowmein, Hot and sour soup and rice. All  the dishes were very hot when served. Cherry pork was good but I prefer it cooked a little in the sauce. Chowmein was tasty but a little oily. Hot and sour soup was spot on!. The only reason for not giving 5 stars is the portion size could have been slightly larger per entree. Service was fine! restaurant was very clean! We will go back for sure. Extremely picky about our Chinese food. Hidden Gem!

About Wok of Flame and reviewsAbout Wok of Flame and reviews